Guidelines For Tournament Participants & Spectators

Monster Rancher Metropolis: The Coliseum (Public Monster Rancher Tournaments): Guidelines For Tournament Participants & Spectators
Lisa Shock on Monday, August 13, 2001 - 12:04 am:

Welcome To The Monster Rancher Metropolis Coliseum!

Please note that new users need to create a chatroom account at Delphi
(in the Lodge section of this board)
24 hours in advance of when they wish to chat.
We set the 24 hour new account timer to slow down chat abusers
returning to cause trouble.

In order to make these events as enjoyable as possible for all involved, we have established some guidelines. Everyone is expected to follow them.

1) All tourney participants are expected to follow the guidelines posted the the MRM Office Of The Mayor, and the Chat FAQ.

2) All tourneys are for entertainment only. No wagering is permitted.

3) While we encourage friendly competition, and recognise that boasting and 'trash talking' about monsters can be fun, please recognise that none of it is meant to become a personal attack against any trainer. Anyone involved in such behavior will be banned.

4) Monster Rancher Metropolis makes no warranties about the quality of the chatroom services used, or the scheduling of events. Events may occur beyond our control, occasionally forcing re-scheduling or cancellation of events.

5) Entering monsters which have been altered by use of a cheat device such as a gameshark or action replay, or other alteration methods is prohibited in all tournaments. Tournament hosts share the names of people entering hacked monsters, and post them publicly as well. Cheating in a tourney may result in you never being able to enter any tourney ever again, as well as other sanctions at MRM, including but not limited to:

* No one who has entered a hacked monster into a tourney will be granted a MRM posting account, and if they already have an existing account, it will be removed.

6) All saves must be from legitimate console save files. We do not accept entries from anyone playing the game on emulators.

7) Slot requests must only be made when a entrant has a monster ready for entry. Entrants are not allowed to 'squat' on slots with no monster.

8) All saves need to have unique file names. This means that if you use someone else's game/save to play (like a downloaded save) you MUST rename the save file created by the dex drive with your board member name. If we receive two or more saves as asil on slot #3, for example, the dex cannot distinguish between them and assumes they are one save. There are also Windows file name issues as well.