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Lisa Shock on Sunday, August 12, 2001 - 11:21 pm:

Tournament Host Guidelines & Applications

Hosting a tournament league is a weighty responsibilty. Hosts are looked to for their impeccable honesty, and sterling leadership reputations in the MR community -reputations created long before they ever hosted a single match. We expect all league hosts to have spotless records with regards to posting at MRM, and to be active members in the MRM research community. We will not consider linking to anyone's tournament league if they have had warnings posted by a moderator as a reply to their board messages, or a chat warning for at least 6 months following the infraction.

Hosts also need to have a deep, complete understanding of how the game works internally. We have been getting a flood of applications/requests from new players to host tournaments. Monster Rancher Metropolis will not link to tournaments held by hosts who have not demonstrated a good working knowledge of the MR games they are running tournaments in. Sites will also be rejected if hosts have not demonstrated an ability to help other ranchers with advanced topics such as "Great" combinations, method making, item use, attributes, etc. Remember, before any tourney preparedness issues are considered, we consider the applicant themselves and their standing within our community.

Hosts submit applications to have their league officially recognized by Monster Rancher Metropolis. Application is done via email. Please send me a letter stating that you have read the guidelines and agree to abide by them. Make certain you have decided on a format, rank levels, and tourney guidelines before applying -and they are all clearly outlined on your league's website. We need to see that hosts' websites are ready to start taking entries at the time they apply.

Monster Rancher Metropolis reserves the right to withdraw affiliation with any tournament league at any time.

Guidelines used determining which leagues we affiliate ourselves with:

1) The host may not enter his own monsters into any tourney, except for non-binding exhibition matches.

2) All tourneys must be open to all MRM users, and follow all of MRM's policies as outlined in The Office Of The Mayor, Links section, and the Chat FAQ. (MRM user is defined as any person who has not been banned from MRM, and 13 years of age or older.)

3) All tourneys that wish to use the MRM chatroom must apply for approval and assignment of time slots via email to Lisa Shock, at least two weeks prior to the anticipated event. Time slots are not guaranteed.

4) Hosts must handle tourney entries and emails regarding entries in their own email accounts. We suggest you get a free web-based email account exclusively for this purpose, and a good anti-virus program.

5) All hosts need to recognise that this is a long-term committment to a large group of people. Each tourney may represent months of work on the part of the hosts. We expect hosts to honor these committments.

6)Monster Rancher Metropolis does not in any way compensate Hosts. This is simply a hobby.

7) All tournaments are strictly for entertainment only. Absolutely no wagering is allowed.

8) Hosts wishing to post the URl to their own sites need to use the formatting code \newurl simply typing the URL, or using the \topurl code is not acceptable. Hosts are expected to be familiar with the formatting system. There is a practice area inside the Cafe.

9) Hosts are responsible for changing the names of monsters if they contain offensive language.

10) Make certain that your website is "ready for business" before submitting it for approval. Every site linked to MRM must be COPPA compliant, and fully completed.

11) We need to see fully built websites and well constructed tournaments before giving approval. Details of how tourneys are run at your site (levels for ranks, point systems, number of rounds per bout, etc.) must be complete, easy to understand, and tested.

12) Tourneys must be for games which have already been released by Tecmo. MRM will not link to sites with imaginary tourneys in unreleased games.

13) Sites must not promote game piracy in any way. This includes, but is not limited to: mod chips, ROMs, MP3s, and burned copies of games.

14) Hosts should submit only one application. Upon receiving that application, MRM will respond with specific problems or requirements that have not been met by the applicant. Until all of those problems are fixed, no further applications should be submitted by the applicant.

15) Monster Rancher Metropolis reserves the right to deny a link to any tourney for any reason. Use of the MRM chatroom is at the sole discretion of Lisa Shock, and may be denied at any time.

16) Hosts running tourneys in their own chatrooms may post about their events in the Cafe section of the board, using the guidelines for all website promotion there; one message is permitted per month.