The Coliseum (Public Monster Rancher Tournaments)

Monster Rancher Metropolis: The Coliseum (Public Monster Rancher Tournaments)
Welcome To The Coliseum!
MR4 & MR3 Tourneys Use Mailed Memory Cards or the Max Drive.
Max Drive is sold by itself or packed with the PS2 Action Replay Max Evo.
All MR1 & MR2 Tourneys Take Place Via Mailed Memory Cards or Emailed DexDrive Saves.

Tournament Schedule:

none at this time

Use of the Dex Drive, Sharkport, X-Port, or Max Drive is in no way related
to the use of hack/cheat devices!
We are simply mailing memory card saves to one another,
either via email or snail-mailed memory cards.
We hold the tourneys on regular PSX and PS2 machines,
type action 'live' in chat, and post results on the board.
This does not violate any copyright law and has been approved by Tecmo!