Suggestions for Tecmo

Monster Rancher Metropolis: The Cafe: Suggestions for Tecmo
This section is for posting your ideas for future MR games.
This is not a place to have 'favorite monster' discussions. You are expected to post useful suggestions about gameplay.

Note: It's pointless to suggest that all monsters ever seen in MR be included one game.
The time needed to model all of those characters would mean that such a game would be 7-10 years in development.

It's also pointless to keep insisting that MR2 be re-released.
If you want to play MR2, then play MR2.
Tecmo is looking to develop new, fresh games with fresh content.
Tecmo does not read this site.
They ask for input on their own forums, in specially marked message threads
which also have legal disclaimers about owndership of the intellectual property involved.