How Can I Help?

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Lisa Shock on Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - 07:53 pm:

Several things can really help to make everyone's life around here a lot easier.

First, read the posted information, and when you do make any posts, make them concise and to the point. Make sure they do not repeat or ask for information that is already posted. Every post here costs me money, so make each word count! (We also have to delete the excess each month, so our bill doesn't skyrocket. Those deletions take me several hours to complete, if I had less to do here, I could do more research on the games!)

Second, volunteer to do some research on a topic where we don't have a lot of info. There is no magic to the way we got the game data we now have, it was researched one person at a time. We still have hundreds of topics waiting to be explored! (Especially in MR3 & MR4.)

Thirdly, suppport the site. I pay $70+ a month for the message board, and $50 a year for the chatroom. If you are thinking about making an online purchase, check out the ads to the left. If you click through and buy something, I get a small commission (about 5%), and it does not add anything to your cost. If you are feeling generous, you can donate any sum of money up to $2,000 via the PayPal link on the left side of the board. They do take 5% of the donation, but it is quick and easy. If you would like to send me a check or money order, please send them to the address in the Parental Consent Form, found in the Privacy Policy section here.

Fourthly, say nice things about us, and Monster Rancher while you visit other places. We can always use the positive reviews, and a good word never hurts!

Be a Tecmo Ambassador!

Tecmo is a relatively small game company, with 215 total employees worldwide. (By comparison, Capcom has over 1,200 employees.) They simply don't have a multi-million dollar advertizing budget, and need our help! If you like a Tecmo game, please tell a friend. Make sure to mention Tecmo games when you visit your local game store, when you take surveys, and when you post on other message boards. Personal recommendations can be the most powerful form of advertizing around. And, the better that any Tecmo does sales-wise, the more Tecmo games that will get made -making everyone happy!

Don't forget to mail in the registration card that comes with the game! Not only will you stand up and be counted, but you will get on Tecmo's mailing list for cool freebies!

When a new Tecmo game is about to be released, go to a game store and put money down to pre-order/reserve it. Reservations help in several ways. Game stores run weekly reports on what titles people have reserved in all their stores, so it keeps the game's name in the forefront of buyer's and game retailer's minds and on their desks every Tuesday morning. The total number of game units ordered by game stores is directly related to how many reservations they have, so if more are reserved, more orders will be placed, meaning that there will be more visibility for the game when it ships. Finally, a game's success is measured by how well it sells on it's first day of sales and first week. After that, performnce isn't really tracked, because retailers have moved on to other titles. So, make sure to be counted, and reserve your games. As an added bonus, there are often cool freebies for placing a pre-order.