Virtual Yard Sale!

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Lisa Shock on Monday, September 9, 2002 - 12:07 am:

As most of you know, this site costs me about $60 a month to keep online, and I pay $50 a year to keep the chatroom. In order to defray some costs (my employment situation right now isn't great), I have decided to sell off a variety of items I have aquired over the years. (Many of these items were purchased as parts of box-lots on Ebay, or are souveniers of my days as a videogame store manager.)

Guidelines for purchasing:
1) If you are under 18, make sure it's ok with your parents to be sending money to a "person you met on the internet". If you don't trust me to send items, or feel uncomfortable in any way, please do not bother to buy anything.

2) Email me with a list of what you would like to buy, and I will remove their listings from this post until I receive payment. If I do not receive payment within 14 days of your email, the item(s) will go back into the sale.

3) I accept personal checks and money orders, or Paypal. Checks must clear my bank before I ship, this may take up to 7 business days.

4) All items here are sold as collectibles only. I do NOT offer any warrantees. I am not a store, or a manufacturer's representative. I cannot replace items.

5) All items are sold "as-is". I try to describe them well, please do not assume they are anything more or better than I state. All games work on my game consoles, your results may vary based upon the age and condition of your systems.

6) I am offering some Japanese games. I cannot help you play them. I do not offer translation services or game tips. I also cannot help you with game hardware. These games were designed to play on Japanese game consoles, if you don't own a Japanese console, do not assume it will work. I can guarantee they will NOT play on an ordinary US game system.

7) I am listing shipping costs for single items next to the item. If anyone is interested in multiple items I can combine shipping, but email me and ask first. For certain heavier items in multiples I can't just waive the second fee, I will have to add a dollar or two per item to cover costs.

8) I do not accept returns on games. Sorry, too many bad experiences on Ebay, with people playing games then want to return them because they got tired of them. Also, I am not going to listen to the old story that the CD case was empty when you got it. I check everything personally before it ships. I ship with delivery confirmation from the post office, or insured with UPS. I have an ebay rating of over 500 with no negative feedback, and I am a longtime member with a very high rating.

9) I will not replace cracked CD cases. You can buy them very cheaply at a local record or computer store. A few games have minor cracks in the cases, and I list them as such. Additional cracks might happen in shipping, and i cannot control that.

10) All games are complete with booklets and the paper inserts in the back of the CD case. All scartching referred to in descriptions is relatively light in nature. None of these discs is cloudy or excessively worn.

11) I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.

Items For Sale
Keep checking, I will be adding more items!

Dex Drives! $15 plus $7 shipping within the US
(email for shipping to other countries)
I have 6 Dex Drives in stock. To use one, you MUST have a Windows based PC with an open serial port. They come with software, but it isn't very good, I recommend downloading DEXTER -freeware from a dexdrive fan. Please note that these devices were always slightly unstable and occasionally need to be removed and re-installed for the computer to recognize them. The plus side is that they allow limitless storage of PSX files.

Shipping is $4 each, email me about shipping multiples
TitleTypeVersionConditionquantity availablePrice Each
Tecmo Super Shot SoccerPSXUSNew/Factory Sealed1$15
Nascar '99PSXUSNew/Factory Sealed1$9
Jampack,has the MR1 saves on itPSXUSUsed/very few scratches,small crack on case1$5
SaGa FrontierPSXJapanUsed/clean with Obi1$10
Cool BoardersPSXJapanUsed/very few scratches1$10
Cool Boarders2PSXJapanUsed/very few scratches1$10
Psychic Force 2012DCJapanUsed/like new1$10

Monster Rancher Items
ItemDescriptionShiping EachPrice
MR3 Pandora Discsee MR3 CD/DVD list for details$3-$3.50*FREE
MR4 Card Deckstandard deck of playing cards with MR4 monsters$2$5

* Paypal charges fees for its use, so this means that if you pay via check/MO it's $3. If you pay via paypal it's $3.50.