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Lisa Shock on Friday, March 29, 2002 - 10:29 am:

Welcome to the web's largest Monster Rancher research team site!
All research is peer-reviewed before being archived.

The easiest way to get started is to try looking at the archive for the Monster Rancher game you've got questions about.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) & Beginner's Guides sections give the basics on each topic. We expect all users to read them, and sections relevant to their messages before posting any messages on the site. This helps keep our costs down, and allows us time to continue research rather than having to reply to the same beginner questions over and over.

Our primary focus at this site is ongoing research and working together to perfect our game guides.

The Cafe is where general discussions take place.

Once you've navigated around a bit, try clicking the "Last Day" link on the left menu. That will show you all of the curently active discussions.

Moderators at this site help maintain the software and do a variety of editing tasks, if you need something, please email one of them, they are here to help you! (There is a list of active Moderators in the Office Of The Mayor.) We do not view moderator status as a form of rank or status here, moderators are chosen for their willingness to perform tiresome clerical duties!

Posting messages is pretty simple, you will need to get an account, details are outlined in the Cookie System message in the Office Of The Mayor.

Make certain to have read the FAQS & Beginners Guides carefully before posting!
Posts which can be answered with "Read the FAQ" are not acceptable.

Anyone under 13 years of age must submit written parental permission before posting any messages on the board. No one under 13 years of age may enter the chat area also known as Master Rancher's Lodge #47. Please read our Privacy Policy, another section in the Office of The Mayor Area, for more details.

We are always seeking new information for our archives. However, we do need it to be accurate and concise. All serious work is peer-reviewed before being archived. For copyright details, please see the message in the Office Of The Mayor detailing our copyright policy.

We cannot accept sumbmissions of game information via email. All info needs to be posted by the author, so their work is properly credited.

We do not reply to game related questions via email. We expect questions to be posted on the message board.

While we greatly appreciate contributions to our CD list & Passwors list sections, please strive to make certain all posts there concise and accurate. All submissions are subject to peer-review.

I cannot accept submissions via email for the CD lists or Passwords list. There is no magical way for me to enter them into the list any differently than you could, I have to type them in by hand -and really have a lot to keep me busy already! We also like to see email addresses attached to CD list posts, so if a question arises about a monster, we can ask the person who found it!

This board is intended to be a friendly, informative site. Most visitors are adults, and all visitors are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy. Our main goal is to assemble the best game guides on the web.

With this in mind, I have established the following guidelines for posting.

1) Keep things pleasant and friendly. If you disagree with someone, you are entitled to express your opposing viewpoint. However, we will not tolerate demeaning, taunting, or rude posts.
Examples: "you're stupid" "shut up" "if you don't like it, go away!"

2) Keep the language clean. There's usually a better, more descriptive word that you can use.

3) Please chose one "handle" and stick with it! If you decide you must change your board name, please email me for a new account, and i will delete the old one. Using several aliases at the same time will not be tolerated.

Yes, we have an option to post as "anonymous". This feature is in place so that people can reply to polls, test their formatting skills, and post embarassing questions. It is also to protect users who are regulars from other sites who feel their position at the other site might be jeopardized if their true identity were to be revealed.

Moderators can see who is posting as "anonymous". Violating board policies while posting as "anonymous" will not protect your account from disciplinary action.

The "anonymous" is never to be used as a second board handle for the purpose of suporting one's own posts, having conversations with one's self, or 'stuffing the ballot box' in polls. Anyone using it to reply to his own posts in any way will be banned.

4) Use original content when posting messages. I must have written permission from the author of anything on the web (including other message boards) or from a book for it to appear here. In other words, if you are not the Copyright holder on something, you cannot post it here.

5) Posts which ask for information which is clearly posted in FAQs or other sections of the board will be deleted promtly. Such requests waste bandwidth (my money) and Moderator hours in cleanup. We expect everyone to respect the site and the work that went into it by taking the time to read the information presented before asking for information. This includes the persistent posts by PAL users who insist they have MR1, when it's actually MR2.

6) Spamming, or flooding the board with pointless messages will not be tolerated.

7) Criticizing the behavior of other members is not appropriate behavior. Spamming spammers, flaming abusers, and attempting to act like a Moderator does not help, and may worsen situations. Moderators will take care of abusers, please allow them the time to do so.

8) Use of this board to sell products or services, without obtaining my written permission is prohibited.

9) Use of this board to produce, deliver, or direct users to hostile programs such as viruses will result in immediate notification of law enforcement authorities.

10) Excesive use of formatting, HTML or other programming in posts may be edited out of messages. We're looking for good original content, not pointless messages featuring lots of colors and font sizes. HTML tags cannot be used in username, password & email address boxes used for posting. Attempts to use HTML in these text boxes will result in being banned from the board.

11) Posts may be deleted or moved at the discretion of the moderators. We expect all of our users to read the archives thoroughly before posting questions. Questions which can be answered by saying "Read the Archives." will be publicly flagged by moderators and deleted within 2 days. Users with an excessive number of flagged posts will have their posting priveledges restricted or revoked.

12) Use of this board by individuals under the age of 13 without parental consent is prohibited. Please read our privacy statement for details.

13) Discussion of illegal copying and distributing videogames, and the equipment and software used to play illegal copies (including ROMS and emulators***) will not be tolerated, and can result in person's posting such messages being banned.

14) Use of this site for any sort of illegal activity is not permitted, and will result in the immediate deletion of posts, and banning of person posting them.

15) Discussions about illegal activities of any sort (This includes trademark and copyright infringement, but covers any illegal activity.) in a positive manner is not appropriate conduct on the board, and will result in deletions and banning.

16) Deliberate posting of false information will not be tolerated, and will result in the immediate banning of the person making such posts.

17) This site is intended as a public forum, please do not post personal information that you do not wish to be made publicly available. (This includes, but is not limited to phone numbers and addresses.) We also expect users to respect the privacy of others by not posting personal information about anyone other than themselves.

18) There is no implied warranty of any sort with regards to any of the site's content or services. The services and information are provided on an "As Is" and "As Available" basis. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is obtained and used at your sole risk and discretion and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.
No advice or information, whether oral or writen, obtained by you through or from the service shall create any warranty by Monster Rancher Metropolis.

19) All game data is expected to be peer reviewed before being accepted as fact. We do not allow people to simply post anything and then say "trust me". Everyone who has ever done this in the past has posted wildly incorrect information. If no one else but you can prove the statement, then we will not archive it.

20) Peer review does not mean that we will do all the research for unfounded claims. We expect people with "great new discoveries" to have done research which proves their point. The peer review process simply attempts to duplicate prior test results. We do not provide free labor to test out ideas. If you want the fame for a discovery, you are expected to do the work proving it.

21) We expect users to place posts in the appropriate section. This includes, but is not limited to, UK users who refuse to figure out that their copy of "Monster Rancher" is actually the game called "Monster Rancher 2" in North America. There are warnings to PAL users all over the MR1 and MR2 Archives. We expect people to actually read these warnings.

22) Adding extra "signatures" (text or pictures) to the end of your posts, which are not part of your post or reply, just wastes my money (storage space/bandwidth), and as such is not allowed at any time.

23) All users agree to follow the site copyright policy as outlined in The Office Of The Mayor.

24) We do not have the storage space or bandwidth to maintain a Hall Of Fame type archive for people's monster's records. (And, no one cares to read about lame monsters owned by people they don't know!) Any attempt at such posts will be deleted immediately, and any second attempts will result in the person posting the material being banned. If you are desperate for some sort of fame for your monsters, enter a tournament!!! Info on tourneys is in the Coliseum section.

25) We expect all people interested in getting an account here to read the entire Office Of The Mayor. Anyone giving out shorthand instructions on how to apply for a posting account, thus allowing other people to bypass reading the Office Of The Mayor before applying, will be banned from the site.

26) We expect people to use the message board for game questions. Anyone circumventing the board by sending game related emails to users will be banned from the site, or will be denied membership if they apply in the future.

27) This site is primarily focused on the North American, NTSC, versions of Tecmo's games. If you are playing games from other regions, please read the warnings on the site extra carefully. In particular, if you are from Europe, New Zealand, Australia or associated areas playing the PAL version (look on the upper left of the front of the game box to see if it says "PAL" or "NTSC") of a PSX game called "Monster Rancher", you need to use the "Monster Rancher 2 Archive on this site!

28) Do not place anyone from this site onto an email mailing list of any sort. Most of us do not want any more spam. Most of us don't think those chain letters are cute, we loathe them. Placing a member on such a list is a violation of one of the basic trusts the site was founded upon. Abusing someone else's email will result in banning.

29) Images may only be uploaded by users who have express permission from Lisa Shock. No exceptions.

Please note, before posting any messages, that I pay for this site based on the amount of space it uses on the server, and the bandwidth used. Right now, it's $60 each month, plus $50 a year for the chatroom. Please use the space here wisely.

The advertising on the left side of the site provides a modest income to help offset costs. (Revenue averages $7 a year from the ads.) I only get paid if people buy something after clicking through the ads. Or through straight donations via the PayPal ad.

If you have questions or comments feel free to post them in the Cafe.

Over the years I have used several free email services. Therefore, some posts may be linked to old, inactive accounts. The only email address I will reply to is: monster_rancher_metropolis@hotmail.com

More details, including the user accounts, and moderator selection process can be found in the Forum Business FAQ section of the Office of The Mayor!

***: ROMs of Tecmo games are not in any way legal, no matter what some 11 year old online told you! We support Tecmo and its console partners on this site. Endorsement of ROMs and emulators will result in those posting the endorements to be banned, and the game manufacturer and the persons' ISPs notified of their illegal activities! For detailed information about internet myths about illegal use of intellectual property please visit and read Nintendo's Legal Page. All site users are expected to be familiar with the content of this page at Nintendo's website.

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*This site is almost entirely text-based, and can be used in conjunction with many online translator programs with relative ease.
Warning: Monster Rancher has features with unusual names, and online translators are notoriously limited, so your results may be less than optimal.

I look forward to hearing from you!

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -Sir Isaac Newton