Privacy Policy Read If You Are Under 13, Or A Parent!

Monster Rancher Metropolis: Office Of The Mayor: Read This Section First!: Privacy Policy Read If You Are Under 13, Or A Parent!
Welcome to Monster Rancher Metropolis!
This site is a message board for the discussion of videogames, and a forum for the publication of original fiction. Our goal is to be the most complete repository of videogaming information on the web. With that goal in mind, we encourage people to post messages about their videogaming experiences. Most of the people who post messages and fiction here are adults. We expect everyone who posts messages here to read the Forum Business FAQ, in the Office of the Mayor section, before posting anything on this board.

It is not the nature of our business to collect any personal data about board users for any other companies.

Users may establish "accounts" here, which enable a person to post messages. To establish an account the user is asked to provide a username of their chosing, a password of their chosing, a name they'd like to be known by on the board, and (if they chose) an email address. The email address is entirely optional, and not required to set up the cookie system. Users are encouraged to establish email accounts with free email services which are not their primary Internet Service Provider. The username, password and board names may all be fictional. If the user establishes an account and choses to provide an email address, he can configure his account to provide email notification of replies to his posts.

The use of email addresses is entirely for the convenience of board users. Monster Rancher Metropolis does not use them for any other purpose, nor do we provide them to any other businesses. However, we remind all users that they are visible to anyone visiting the board.

Anyone under 13 years of age (regardless of nationality) must provide Monster Rancher Metropolis with written permission from a parent or guardian to post messages on this site. To do so, click on the link below entitled "Parental Consent Form", print the document at that link, sign and mail the document to the address on the form. Anyone may also request a copy of this form be sent to them via U.S. Mail; the email & postal address and instructions for such a requests are posted at the bottom of that page. Once Monster Rancher Metropolis has a signed consent form, the text will be entered into the board linked below entitled "Completed Consent Forms". Parents may view the text of the form they signed and may amend or revoke permission by posting messages in the section created for their child.

Monster Rancher Metropolis cannot, under any circumstances, use any digital form of communication as consent from a parent or guardian. Therefore, any attempts to email a consent form will be rejected.

Permission to post on Monster Rancher Metropolis may be revoked for any time, for any reason, at the discretion of the site's Moderators. For guidelines on the subject, see the Welcome Message in this section.

Monster Rancher Metropolis reserves the right to delete any post at any time.

Anyone under 13 years of age is not permitted into the chat area, also known as: "Master Rancher's Lodge #47".

Once a completed Consent form is received and posted, an email may be sent to with the usual information for setting up an account. As item number 5, please mention that your Consent form has been posted. Read the Detailed Site Policies section for details on setting up an account.

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