We Do Not Accept Submissions For CD/DVD/Game Lists Via Email, or, Don't Send Me That Excel Document -I Have No Use For it!

Monster Rancher Metropolis: Office Of The Mayor: Read This Section First!: We Do Not Accept Submissions For CD/DVD/Game Lists Via Email, or, Don't Send Me That Excel Document -I Have No Use For it!
Lisa Shock on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 11:30 pm:

Several times a week I am approached via email by people who have worked on creating a database or spreadsheet (most often Excel) to keep track of their personal CD list, and they offer me the "opportunity" to have their precious creation for free. Some want their work posted as downloadable on the MRM webspace, others say they are delighted to allow me to post it on the board.

Well, here are the facts:

1) We already offer searchable lists for every game. This lists are accessible by visitors regardless of what sort of system they use to get online. Yes, we have users who view the site via Sega Saturn, DreamCast, WebTV, Macintosh, Amiga, and more. (and lots of browsers within each group) Everything is there ready for them, without the need for additional software.

2) The lists are considered marginal content on the site at best. Very few people will ever go out and buy a CD just to get a monster from it. The most valuable list is your own; cataloging what you already own so you can find it quickly. Yes, it's a nice way for new users to feel like they are contributing. But, overall, it's mainly the rare types which people are interested in seeing a list of, not all the types which can be made via in-game methods like combining, or saucer stones. Hundreds of new CDs are pressed in the US every day. The chances that other people will have the same discs as you are slim at best. (not to mention the fact that real game research is far more valuable)

3) We don't need to spend more money on storage space for a 'special' zipped download of software that only a small segment of the userbase even owns the software to view. Remember that to view an Excel document, the person must own not only a copy of Excel or Word, but the correct version of it, to be able to view it properly.

4) We expect anyone who posts messages to be personally responsible for the content. Therefore, we do not want people posting messages from others. If it is important enough to you personally, then you post it yourself personally. -And, oh yes, I don't need any more work dumped on me. Trying to pass off your typing chores onto me as some sort of fabulous opportunity won't work. (Unless making me angry at your attempt to bypass a basic guideline for board usage was what you really wanted to accomplish...) For those who want to dispute this policy, I would like to point out other online sites that did not hold people responsible for the content of their contributions. Those sites are filled with joke posts, incorrect items, and outright examples of posts intended to mislead users.

5) I will not alter the site to accomodate posting documents directly onto the webspace. Since they duplicate a feature we already have, and would take considerable time to work into a webpage, they would simply be a large waste of my time and money.

So, to reiterate portions of the Welcome message, I do not handle board content via email. Our site works for the maximum number of users as it is. We welcome people who wish to contribute to the site, but everyone must contribute their own material to the site themselves.