Rune: Chapter One

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By Breederofmany on Monday, July 29, 2002 - 09:03 am:

A Zan's Victory

The sweat pored down his face, the zan was facing his strongest foe yet. It was a durahan, but faster than any other he had seen before. It diddn't scare him, but he also diddn't scare it, as he would have liked.
"Folks, it looks like these two are evenly matched! Who will win the offical S clas- Oh my god! The zan just knocked him out! It looks like we have a new champion! Lets hear it for Clash!"
The zan fell to the ground, to tired to stand any longer.
"You did it clash! You did it! Your finaly beat the S class!" Clash could hear his trainer yelling at him. He ignored it, trying to rest.
-Back at the ranch-

"Well clash, I think you deserve a treat... how about some.. meat!" Clash diddn't care for his trainer much, he diddn't even care about humans realy. But he did enjoy meat, so he took it and pretended to be happy. What this zan wanted, it wanted something every monster wanted, it diddn't want to die on this ranch, only to have his heart transfered to another monster. No, that wouldn't happen. He would come up with a plan, and leave!
The next day he came up with a plan. At first he thought about killing everyone, but he was too kind and noble to ever do that. So he would simply ask to be let go. Go to his homeland, brilla.
" Hey Ross, I was wondering..."Clash began, "If it were possible to leave and go on my own? I have served you all I can, and would realy like to leave."
"Hah, hah! Let you leave? Your a gold mine! Monsters are to make money with, and I still hagve more to make with you. Plus, your heart will make the next monster stronger than ever!"
"But... I thought-" Clash was cut off by his trainer.
"You don't think, you listion, got it!?"
Clash had never made his trainer mad, and diddn't know what do expect, so he left, going back to his sleeping spot, or so Ross thought. Instead he went to say good-bye to his only "friend" on the whole ranch. Her name was Star Dust, and was an angel. A very sweet, and talented mix of the pixie species.
"Lition SD,(What he called her for short) I am leaving, I am sick and tired of Ross, and the humans. I am going to brilla."
"Wait," Star Dust replied, "Take me with you, that is my home too, and I know ross only wants our hearts, I heard you two talking."
Clash nodded his head, and the two took off, to Brilla...

In the next chapter- Clash and SD meet up with some bandit on thier way to Brilla, but these thiefs are not what they seem.