War of the stone- Chapter 1: Creation

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By Anonymous on Friday, March 22, 2002 - 10:10 pm:

This is a first hand account of the events later called War of the Stone, a period of time lasting from the seconds before He(God-form pronouns refer to Him) made the World, till the final seconds of the time period, appox. 10,000 years before Monster Rancher 2. I use Monster Rancher 2 breeds since I like them more than monster rancher 3 or 1 breeds. No flame shots, please.

There is nothing left to do now but....

I am Arji... wisest of the wise Amenhoteps. Later in my years, after my trainer was killed by a wild Zuum, I learned of how my world, this beautiful dancing of humans and monsters intertwined in a great circle of time. But this circle of time was not without holes. One looks at Metelners and Hengers. Nay, Hengers were not man made, but refugees from the dismal future of the World. But this journey is not to discuss the end, but our beginnings.
There once was a Gali, though no now know nor speak his name, who was greater than I shall become ever. Knowing the faults of the World he saught to know how it began, to fix it. This knowledge was passed down for thousands of years. Though it would take many moons to tell, I will give a short version of the miracle.
"In the beginning the was Him. He was Him, so It was also Him. But He longed for companions, though He was alone. After thinking about His perdicament, He created an orb of water and land, the World. Though it was not living, everything on it was. He created crops, the sun, the moon, stars, and animals, and Humans were created. Humans walked the globe, but did not know of Him or where they came from. Not pleased by the results, the Humans were tested to see if they would turn to Him.
Later that year, volcanoes exploded, earth shook, waters grew angry. Yet Humans would not put down thier pride and ask for help. Their numbers dwindled to as many stones as there are on an infant Obelisk. So exasperated, He gave up.
Millions upon millions of moons later, His attention focused upon thw World again. Humans had bred and trained animals for fun and pleasure. Some of them had even found Him. He was delighted and threw more disasters upon Earth. Each leader of the 38 tribes that lived upon our heavenly sphere prayed for help and mercy. Extatic, He granted thier prayers. Down to Earth flew "Disk Stones," which could be unlocked at the temple to create creatures. Society thrived. Then something beyond His imagination happened. All the monsters disappeared. The Humans, bathing in thier own ignorance, had used them against each other, killing every monster off the face of the earth... except one. One monster reigned supreme. His name was Joker. Joker enslaved Humans quickly and everyone was discouraged from rebellion with giant blades of death and misery. Humans prayed again to him, in thier time of need, but he spoke to them and said "You had not done this while you were not in danger. Suffer the consiquences.." He knew what he was doing, and Humans tried time and time again to convince Him. Be He was still confident they would do it. In letting the Humans suffer, they gained willpower. An Alliance of the Tribe of Gahle and the Tribe of Kinhep fought valiently overthrew Joker. All celebrated and rejoiced once again. When all was over, He ripped off Joker's mask, and trapped the defeated Joker in a disk stone. The tribe of gahle and Kinhep were rewarded. Disk Stones fell to the World once more, but only in Gahle and Kinhep. Kinhep's first disk, unlocked by the King of Kinhep himself was a bright red bird. it's flames danced in the wind and great wings beat the air upon it's arrival. When asked to name it, Kinhep named it Phoenix, after his daughter. Phoenix flew away, to a place where no tribe ruled. A volcano was there, and the Joker's mask was hidden somewhere in that vicinity. Phoenix and it's chicks guarded the area ever since. The tribe of Gahle got the first monsters that were ever ranched since the ancient times. In honor of the Tribe that overthrew Joker, king Gahle named the breed Gali. Galis were the first descended from Him besides the Phoenix, which almost no commoners or religious men remember. Galis helped Humans remember Him even during good times, and monsters started appearing everywhere.
The tribe of Zur, for instance, was given Mochi. Through natural processes and Human intervention, cross breeds of the 38 species occurred. The taint of evil still was found in the tribe of Joker, who still praised the Joker. in order to keep the world from becoming an imperfect perfection, He left the Joker's kin in a minor form in that tribe. Almost all 408 breeds were formed around this time. Now, you may wonder about Metelners and Hengers. Hengers came from the stars, created to enhance Humanity, while curious Metelners live on our sister sphere, the Moon. She spins around us, and whenever she is full, Disk Stones of metelners and thier crossbreeds fall from the sky like shooting stars. So He created all and all was well for the time being. humans unlocked and raised monsters while they lived in near perfect harmony. All but the tribe of Joker, that is..."

So ends my kind of Genisis meets Monster Rancher Creation story. next comes the beginning of the war of the stone. oh, yea.. all religious overtones kind of mellow down after the chapter above. this is my first ever Novel-type book, so please don't flame cannon me yet.

~Pyrerocks, man of no password

By Pyrerocks on Friday, March 22, 2002 - 10:12 pm:

kind of more complicated then the beginning animations for the game.... :)

By Khift on Saturday, March 23, 2002 - 09:28 am:

Oookay. Interesting. If it weren't for the different tribes, I would like it alot more. I'd of thought that it was, well, random, of who got what.

By CHB on Thursday, March 28, 2002 - 08:36 pm:

Nice, work on length (and a little on deapth) and you'll have a keeper!