Destiny:Part 2

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Dark-Tiger on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:29 pm:

"I'll name you Demon."I said.
"Thank you for granting me a name that fits me."Demon replied.
"Let's go to the ranch."I said, and we went to our new home.

Several years passed and Demon became a great monster.He was in grade 'A' and was a deadly competitor,but he was also very evil and he was dragging his master into the darkness along with him.
Alexis still complained about everything and blaimed me for Hervon not going out with her.She was a spoiled brat and spent the money they made on her self, but she taught me several things about training monsters.None of it helped.We were gaining more and more fame each day.Our lives were good until everything one night..................

It was late and there was a storm.It was raining down hard.Demon had found a disc earlier that day,but he refused to tell me where.I wasn't in a good mood and Alexis didn't make it better.I don't even remember what she was yelling about,but something inside of me just went off.I got so angry and I......I accidentally...................killed Alexis.I had grabbed a knife and thrust it forward into her stomach,the blood spilling out.I slashed her again and again.I never knew there was so much blood in a human.The funny thing was I didn't care.I ran outside,the rain cooling my sweaty forhead,and ran into the stable.There was Demon.Somehow he knew what I had done and he had a plan.I grabbed the disc Demon found that morning and some other supplies.We ran for the town.When we got there I ran into the shrine and opened the disc.It was a mint.
"I'm your master."I said.
"What's my name?"It asked.
"Man!I forgot about naming about............Sakura!That will work!Okay now we need to go!Can you run?"I asked as Sakura approved of her new name.
"I was just born.I can't run."Sakura answered.
"Ride on me."Demon said."But don't get used to it."
"I forgot food!!!We'll have to go back to the ranch!"I said.
We ran to the ranch.I got food but couldn't carry it so Sakura held it.We ran to the mountains for I knew there was a cave we could hide in until our plan could take further action.......

To Be Continued....................

By GARLANT on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 09:27 am:

I quite like the way the story is going. It has a good choice of monsters, (cabalos are so cool) and nice description. If i was to make one criticism i would say they are too short. But i just like long stories so the length is not a major problem for most. Keep up the good work.

By Dark-Tiger on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 02:22 pm:

I can't right long storie's cause my mom won't let me stay on the internet very long(don't ask me why I have no idea).On weekends I'll probably right more unlesss I go shoppping or go to a movie or something,but i'll keep on adding little bits to it,and I hope you enjoy it!

By danz on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 11:58 pm:

you could write the whole thing out elsewhere and then copy it into the msg box if you're short for time. good piece!