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Dark-Tiger on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:38 pm:

This is my first story and its just the beginning,so enjoy!If you have ne suggestions just let me know.Thnx.It should get more interesting as I go along.
Destiny.Thats what we believed in.My family and me had a belief.The first monster you get makes up your entire destiny.Whatever kind of personalitie your monster had that was what you,yourself,would turn out to be like.
It was the first day for me to be a trainer.I was excited.I had taken my test and got a trainers assistant.Her name was Alexis.She thought highly of her self.That would soon change.We were heading to the shrine with the disc my father had given me.When we got there Alexis was griping about having to walk all the way there,But I just tried to ignore her.It wasn't easy.
"Hello,My name is Hervon,the shrine worker.Are you new to the training business?"Hervon asked.
He was about 6'3,had brown hair,green eyes,and new clothes.
"Yes.We are.I need to unlock this disc."I shoved the disc up into his face.
"Sure.May I ask your name,before we get to that."Hervon said as they headed into the shrine.
"My name is Micah and this is Alexis."I replied as Alexis shoved me out of the way and walked up to Hervon.
"Hi,Hervon.Do you have a girl friend?"Alexis asked.She must have a crush on him I thought.
"No,here we are lets unlock your disc."
I walked up to a board,as Hervon placed the disc in the center of four statues of great lizards.I placed my hands on two panels that were on the board,and pressed against them.A light swirled and the disc spinned.In a sudden flash of bright lights the disc exploded.The light gathered the exploded disc and formed a ball.The ball floated for a second and then began to take shape.A cabalos.
"That's the ugliest monster I've ever seen!!!!It looks mean!!"Alexis shouted.
"Shut up!It's a great monster and its supposed to look mean.You freak."I yelled back.
"You are right,Micah.It is a great monster."Hervon told me as Alexis began to change sides.
"OH!Yes it's a great monster!!!"Alexis said,trying to impress Hervon.
"Which one of you is my master?"The cabalos asked.
"I am,but I'm not your master.I'm your friend."I answered.
"Whichever you prefer.Now what will you name me?"The cabalos asked.

To Be Continued......................