Forgotten realms:Realm of Carnage

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Spidercarnage on Saturday, December 1, 2001 - 08:22 pm:

Intro-Along the coasts off Durahan coast,lies the island which is about to be destroyed by a monster created out of CARNAGE

"YES"exclaimed dadge the first human sent to the
forgotten realms."i Dadge of Ima have combined all the monsters!''.
THe monster had wings of phoenix and dragon
armour of durahan scythe of joker
head armour of beaclon tail of dino legs of tiger ........
"i'm gonna name it carnage"dadge said
"Motch ray " "gatling gun" "inferno" "million stabs" all of the monsters tried to k.o carnage but carnage used a crossover move "Hurricane"exorcised carnage.The monster tried to destroy armage ,but spirits are not affected by attacks
CArnage used up 1000 guts to use freeze wave The size of 5 football fields.

Will carnage be destroyed????
Will there be a new forgotten realms???