Venge Chapter III- Another question

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johnripper on Tuesday, July 24, 2001 - 06:09 am:

"No, I am not "specail" as you people say, I am just a old, nomall dragon, leave me alone!" Death said. "I just want to be frozen and to rest!" He knew he realy diddn't mean what he said, but he diddn't care, he was afraid.
" Is this your decision? No? I can't say I recoment this... haha, ahahahaha! Fire, take him out and... drop him". Said Fear, following his joker like laugh again. Death was afraid, he diddn't know what he got into, but he just wanted out.
As the pheonix Picked him up in her tallons death truly fealt the heat from a pheonix, It wassn't "hot" but it was... Heat. It was hard to explain... or was it just that this pheonxix was specail, like the other two.
"Heh, I kinda feel sorry for you. Like I said, kinda. Oh, and by the way, this drop issn't the most pleasent." Said Fire.
Death knew this wassn't gonna be plesant, he had figured that when the pheonix was about to throw him off, he would jump her.
"Time to let you go!" she said, about to drop him. "Have a nice fa- Ahhhh!"A small hole apeared in the wing of the pheonix, It was small, but painfull never the less.
"Better get out of here death!" Said corg. "Let me jump on you and you fly out! hurry!"
"Wait, issn't this gonna huuuuuurtttttt!?" Death said before falling off, with corg on his back.
"Oh, you two are so dead now!" Said Fire, starting to decent after them, rage in here eyes.
"We had better get going, and fast, NOW!" said corg.
"I am working on it. I am the one with the 1,000 pount metal heap on my back!" Death stated.
" Just fly while I shoot at her." Corg replied
~Down below, in the forest~

"Najik! Najik! Come quick, There is something in the sky!"
"what is it sheenja?" Najik replied anoyed, he diddn't like being woke from his naps.
"There is a Dragon/hengar, no, wait, A hengars on its back... and its falling... and its being chased by fire!" Sheenja replied.
"Fire, the black pheonix!? Oh boy, Looks like the dragon could use some help... Sheenja, stay here, I must go and help."
"Bu...bu... Najik, thats not fair! I always have to stay." sheenja pouted.
"and so it shall forever be." Najik said with a laugh.

~Now, back to the skys~

"Rahhh!" Fire said, frailing another fireball at them, black in color. This one almost made its mark... almost.
"Oh god help us now! Death said, trying to avoid being turn into a crispy critter.
"You are gonna die this time! Ahahah-Owe, not again!" Fire had a antoher small hole in his arm, which looked just as painfull as the one before.
Fire looked upp to see a very wise, and old magic up there.
"Come back fire! Fear has told me you have had to much fun, we must go." The magic said.
"Alright... But you will pay for that!" As fire said that she Fired one of her black fireballs at him, buring him to a crisp. What was left just fell to the ground.

Sorry about the short chapter guys, I PROMISE to make it exiting in the next one, just wait...
WHo is this najik, And is fire as strong as she states being? FInd out in the next exiting chapter of Venge!