Dark Evil Rising: Chapter 1

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Magma Bird on Wednesday, October 25, 2000 - 08:43 pm:

Well, after a while I finally was able to write it. Here it is...

As Aaron lay in his rocking chair, sleeping, he is started by a loud knocking on the door. Aaron slowly gets up from his rocking chair, stretches his back, and walks to the door while scratching his side. "Hello!" said the person standing at the door. "Hello to you too." Aaron said, still not quite awake. "I have a letter for you," said the man, "it is my responsibility to deliver this to you personally". The man gives Aaron the letter and Aaron notices the man's clothing. He was dressed in a black dress coat, blue dress shirt, black pants, and a hat with the initials IMa on it. As Aaron takes the letter, he nods at the man and says good-bye. Aaron opens the letter as he closes the door. He Read:

Dear Mr. Aaron,
It is our duty to invite you to the national IMa Joyfest tournament. It will be held on October 12, at 4:00 pm. You are to come thirty minutes before the tourney begins to register. We suggest you start training for the tourney. Until then, happy training.


Shortly after reading this, Aaron puts the letter away and puts his shoes on and walks out the door. As Aaron walks to the barn he decides which monster he should train first. The doors to the barn slowly open and light creeps in, filling the barn with light. "Time to train," Aaron said as the monsters woke up. When all of the monsters were outside Aaron told them about the tourney and about which monsters he will train mostly. "Golem, Tiger, Worm, come with me." Aaron takes the monster to a field where he trains his monsters. Aaron trains his monsters until sundown with occassional breaks for lunch and bathroom breaks. Aaron walks inside his house to find Pixie with dinner on the table. After dinner he sat in his rocking chair for a while then went to bed for the night. Aaron went through this schedule for a month, until one week before the Tourney.

Sorry to cut it short but I have to go, the next one will be longer and more in detail. I am open to any suggestions or comments.