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Lisa Shock on Sunday, September 24, 2000 - 05:17 pm:

Links To Websites We Enjoy!

This area is designed to help everyone find all sorts of great things on the web!

If you'd like to suggest a site, or note a broken link, please post in the Cafe!

Gaming Sites

Monster Rancher:
Tecmo Inc: THE source for news & products!
Dingus Rancher:A comic view of the Monster Rancher world.
Monster Fenrick's Farm:CLOSED: Archive of old tournaments

Monster Farm Sites:
These are in Japanese, so you may need an online translator, or language support for your computer to see them.
Yosuke's Monster Farm Site

Game News:
IGN: Game & media news, may have mature content!

Import Games & More for Sale:
Yamatoku Company:They sell older used Japanese video games, and antique Kimonos. Unique in that they will search for items. As usual, shipping isn't cheap, but if you gotta have it....
Used Game Trading Zone:
Free trading site where people from around the world trade or buy/sell all sorts of games and other media!

Games Information Archive:
Moby Games: The world's largest, most ambitious gaming database project. If you have time, we strongly suggest becoming a contributor. They still need info on several MR games!

Music, Books, and Other Entertainment

Alibris: A great used book and media source!

Television & Film Sites

Assorted Television & Film:
Nitcentral: First & best site for TV & film trivia! (Began as Star Trek site, now offers much more.)
Essay About Star Trek's decline

Technology 101

What is Subcode?:In depth explanation of the hidden data on CDs.
DVD FAQ:A great resource for info on DVDs and DVD players.
Hardware Central:PC hardware, check the message boards for great tech help!
Video Broadcast Standards:Charts showing NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards

Assorted Other Links

Solar City: Largest solar leasing company in the US, offering the $0 down lease.
Luscious Repast: Lisa's food blog. Intellgent descriptions of probability in action!
Archie McPhee:Lisa's interior decorator, and much more! Tiki items, robots, clocks, toys, lunchboxes, candy, weird furniture: you need this stuff!
Raving Toy Maniac: The best toy collector magazine happens to be web-based! The hottest news, info on old & new, and more!
New Force Comics:The best place to buy action figures! Great prices, fast service!
Googie Architecture Online: The true architecture of positive futurists.
Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information: Perhaps one of the important scientific organizations of our time!
American Science & Surplus: An eclectic mix of assorted surplus items!
The Straight Dope: Cecil Adams; answering queries since 1973. (long before Mythbusters!) Too weird to be true? -Ask him!
Naked Dancing Llama's Homepage: If you have to ask...
47 Society:The Answers
Heinlein Society Blood Drive Page:Please give blood on July 7 Lisa does.
So you want to learn Japanese?
Zenni Optical, home of the $8 pair of glasses. Yep, that's right! They offer many services like edge grinding for free and tints at a nominal $4.95. You'll find most glasses there cost well under $50 including shipping! Lisa owns multiple pairs and loves them!


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*Sites must be COPPA compliant and family friendly.
*Sites should not have any illegal content. For example (but not limited to): software piracy, trademark or copyright infringement.
*Sites should not contain hate/discrimination oriented material.
*Sites must represent Tecmo in a positive manner.

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