The Line, Part 2: Sola, Solaris

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Ken Kaji on Tuesday, April 8, 2003 - 09:20 pm:

“Who?” asked Arc and Blaze in unison.
“I already said, my name’s Eriks,” he replied, brushing some of his spiky red hair out of his face as he stood up. The Suzurin on his wrist jingled softly in counterpoint with his sword and scythe clanged loudly against each other and the rock. He stood tall, towering over Arc, who was only thirteen. “The question,” he said as the Pixie rose from her position, “is who are you?”
“Stay back!” shouted Arc. “I got a bat!” He swung ineffectually at Eriks until the baseball bat was caught and removed from his hands. He stood watching as Eriks twirled it about.
“So you’re Arc, hmm?” asked Eriks, watching the bat as he balanced it on his finger. He quickly flicked the bat from one hand to another, twirling it so it never fell, but never really grabbing hold of it.
“You know of me?” asked Arc in wide-eyed surprise.
“Actually…” said Eriks, turning away from him, and then looking over his shoulder, “you’re names on the bat.”
Much tripping and confusion ensued.

“Exquisite. Perfect. Beautiful. Deadly.”
He looked up at the frozen form. It was dressed in fine cloths, all pale blue, and marked with silvery symbols. Sealing symbols, he knew. To hold back her full, power, which was just barely contained in this form. Her light blue hair was nicely combed and mostly held back with a ribbon, which he knew to be stronger than dragon hide and almost as sharp as Death’s blade if she so willed it, as was all her clothes. Her robes all floated and drifted in the air, which was thick with energy. Held tightly to her was a staff; it was long, silver, with a rounded circle at the top and seven small rods sticking out the other. Her eyes were closed in peaceful sleep.
“Now to free you.”
He looked at the chains. They were cold, black, and held her tightly suspended in the middle of the septagram, one originating from each point and corner, making fourteen of them. They pulsed slightly with ancient magic. Even their cold presence couldn’t dim her beautiful perfection.
He looked at the control panel. Completely blank, no designs nor switches and levers. He hoped that his power was great enough. Otherwise it would kill him.
As his hands brushed lightly against it, he felt a slight tingle. This was the tingle all Gali’s felt when they neared the pedestal. The tingle that had come to be associated with death, since all of them who touched were never seen again. But he was marked by the eclipse. His sun mask was blacked out in the center with an impenetrable darkness that only his cold blue eyes pierced. And so he committed to the task.
He felt the power surge through him, as though he was the link closing an ancient, high-voltage circuit. And he saw them move. The chains pulsed and writhed, moving with new life. Pain, like no other crawled and raced through ever inch of his being. He felt as if he was going to die, but he held on. He watched as the chains began to glow along with the septagram. As it burst into flame, he felt it burning within him. Rays of light shot out from the points, and the godly form glowed incandescently, blinding him. But as the blue glow of his eyes disappeared when he closed them, a new, thin blue line inscribed itself on the darkness of his mask. He was grinning. He had succeeded.

“What the heck are you and what the heck is wrong with you!?”
Eriks meekly stood, pushing his index fingers together nervously.
“You don’t have to be so mean and loud,” he said.
“Hi, my name’s Blaze,” said the hellhound quietly to the dark skinned pixie, both of which had slunk of a few feet from Eriks and Arc.
“I’m Mirin,” she said, giving her white hair a little shake for dramatic/cute effect. “The miniature suzurin that’s swinging from Eriks’s arm is Bell,” she said, pointing with one of her ice-blue wings. “Who’s the kid?”
“Oh, that’s Arc. He’s supposed to be raising me, but we both know that I probably take care of him as much as he takes care of me,” said Blaze with a sigh. “Out of academic interest, would you happen to be a Stream type of Pixie? Saw one at a tournament once. Thought I recognized the smell.”
“I am,” said Mirin, turning slowly to give Blaze full view of her entirely. “One of the only few on Age.”
“Good. Thought my nose had gone mad, saying there was one of you guys up in the mountains here.”
Mirin was about to respond, but all were interrupted by Bell’s alarm cry.
“Someone’s there,” said Eriks quietly.

The chains were gone. All that remained was the perfection of her. Her goddess-like form slowly floated down from the wall and to the floor, to stand before him, staff held firmly in one hand. She opened her eyes. They were not the cold, mechanical eyes he had expected for such a weapon. They were bright, wondrously bright, soft blue, untainted by malice or evil. They were blank. It was as if she had no thoughts, like the weapon she was. Her face remained expressionless, even as he neared. As he stared into the separate, blue reality of her eyes, he thought he saw a flicker of something else. A flicker, nothing more. But it was there. Somewhere, back there, in this war-like, engineered shell was a soul. A living soul.
“I am Eclipse, as my mask dictates. I am your new master, as is my right as the first Gali to awaken you in thousands of years. You are a super weapon, an artifact from the ancients. A killing doll. Within you is the power of the Phoenix. It is yours to command, and, in turn, mine, as your master. Speak your name,” said the Gali, his cobalt slit eyes glowing intensely.
The killing doll looked at him, her blue eyes for the first time focusing in on him. It was a terrible feeling, to be the focus of a killing doll.
“My name is … Sola,”

Eriks slashed at the bushes, narrowly missing her head. She stood up shakily as they all watched her and her monster, which she glanced at quickly. The little white mew looked back nervously. Then Arc broke the silence.
“Coral, what the hell are you doing here?” he asked flatly.
“Umm… Picking berries!” she explained, quickly looking for berries to be picking. None prevailed. She looked back at the mass of unconvinced faces. Even Bell managed to stare flatly at her. She tried another excuse. “Okay, so I was coming to the spring. I visit it all the time.”
“Except almost you never come this far up the mountain and you get lost on the way to the ridge fields from the village,” Blaze snorted.
“Well I kind of followed Arc,” she said sheepishly, blushing slightly.
“When he ran into the woods.”
More silence.
“Err…when he was at that burnt place…”
And yet more silence.
“OKAY! So I followed him all the way from the village! So what!” she screamed at them. Blaze and Arc put on their usual masks of unconcern, and although the mew and Mirin backed away, and Bell tried to cover her ears, Eriks looked only mildly curious.
“Why?” he asked simply.
“Well,” she said, slightly dreamily, “I was hoping to do something, possibly involving us…and someplace secluded…and…and…”
“You know I would just turn you down and go back home and take a nap like I always do,” stated Arc. “You do this on an almost weekly basis, and you still haven’t learned. I’m twelve and most definitely not interested in getting involved in one of your kinky dreams. I’m not all that interested in older women.”
“Only by three years,” she said pleadingly to him. He continued not to notice her attempts to get back on his good side.
“Hey, Scruffs,” greeted Blaze.
“Maow,” responded the White Mew, walking over to him and Mirin, while Arc and Coral argued and Eriks stood watching curiously. He stopped in front of them, swaying forwards and backwards.
“This is Mirin, Scruff,” said Blaze, nodding towards her. “She’s with the guy in the trench coat, Eriks.”
“Moaw,” said Scruff.
“Hello to you too,” said Mirin, smiling. She paused suddenly. She asked Blaze. “Doesn’t speak much, huh?”
“Maow,” responded Scruff. Blaze nodded in agreement.
“Then why do I understand everything he says?”
“Maow Maow Maow,” said Scruff, explaining.
“So it just kind of passes the words and uses the thoughts behind it?” asked Mirin.

“So you represent the Sun God, Solaris, as in the legends of old. Interesting. I would like to know who represents the Moon Goddess, Luna. Do you know?”
“No,” stated Sola, still facing bleakly ahead.
“What do you know of the other?” asked Eclipse.
“His true name is Artemis. He can copy any move or technique he sees. He can even create the needed tools for some such techniques with merely his mind and memory of the required item.”
“Does he have any abilities other than this?” Eclipse asked, his curiosity stirred.
“He has immortality, strength, speed, and intelligence almost comparable mine. He has the Lunatic Pandora, as I have the Solar Cannon. And he has the seven, who will come in time.”
“Who are the seven?”
“They were once the powers of seven monsters and humans, created in a great battle with the daemon Muu. Represented by a girl, a boy, a Mocchi, a Golem, a Suezo, a Tiger, and a Hare, they now embody seven new monsters. There are also three humans which shall help him.”
“And how do these forces tip the balance?”
“In his favor. But generations have passed, and the powers of the seven have been diluted. Still potent, but their hearts are more easily turned. Two as of yet still have not chosen sides, and one and one human are yet unaware. Seize these and we may yet turn the forces.”
Eclipse pondered this as Sola stood there, awaiting her next command. He decided to act now.
“Go. Try to turn the neutrals, and then destroy the unaware ones. Go now,”
Arc and Coral’s fight had escalated to Coral throwing rocks at Arc and him defending with his baseball bat, all with Eriks watching mildly. Blaze and Mirin were now in an intricate conversation about human behavior and the local area in general, with Scruff adding the occasional “Maow”.
Suddenly, there came movement from the surrounding trees and shrubs and two figures walked in. At their sight, Mirin and Bell cried out in alarm, while Blaze jumped in front of Mirin and began growling at them. Scruff swayed slightly, actually measuring them up and preparing his eyes for the next move. Arc and Coral had stopped, both turning their heads to see the entrants. Eriks eyes narrowed dangerously.
He regarded the black durahan and the white zan.
“Hello, Kuroi. Hello Shuroi,” he said.

note: for those that don't know japanese, Kuroi means black and Shuroi means White. For those that do, i'm sorry if they aren't perfectly right.

By CHB on Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 03:24 pm:

I'll suggest to you what torey suggested to me when I started writing stories way back when(When we all answered to B.Cambell still, doubt most of these guys remember him even :P).

Anyway, he told me to basically space it out. Before and after someone says something, try adding a blank line. Most stories here have that format, like any standerd book, if I confused you with my wording.

By Ken Kaji on Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 04:11 pm:

'k, thanx. Is just hard since you have to enter a command to indent and it looks perfectly fine in Word so i dread doing all those indent commands

By torey luvullo on Thursday, April 10, 2003 - 04:15 pm:

well, do it in word anyway you want. but when you cut and paste into the site here, take a minute, and put in some spacing where it fits best. its easy - just hit enter twice where you want the previous para to end, and the next one will split off. indenting is optional, as far as i am concerned.

By CHB on Saturday, April 12, 2003 - 08:26 pm:

Yeah, I would't really bother with indenting until you publish something on paper. :P