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Music CDs: Post the artist, title, version info and UPC.
Games: Post the name and format (PC, Mac, etc.), plus any special info.
CD-ROMs: Post the title, format and any other info.
DVD: Please post any version info you have; widescreen version, Criterion Collection, which side, etc.
Please remember that different pressings of CDs can produce different monsters. You might not be able to reproduce someone else's results. If you find a CD that gives a different result, please post it along with the UPC code and any other information about why the pressing is different.
Icon Key: Morx = tree, Brillia = mountain, Kalaragi = palm tree, Takrama = cactus, Goat = scallop shell

Please note what country a disc was pressed in!
All discs posted here are assumed to be US versions unless otherwise noted.

If you find a rare '?' type monster not listed here,
please post details in the Misc Q&A section.
After the disc is independently confirmed the section will be added.
Since the Encyclopedia indicates when a section is complete,
we are indicating the total possible number of sub-breeds in each section.
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222 Total Breeds in MR3