CD/DVD/Game List (North American Version ONLY)

Monster Rancher Metropolis: Monster Rancher EVO Archive (PS2): CD/DVD/Game List (North American Version ONLY)
Please post your CD/DVD's here.

Music CDs: Post the artist, title, version info and UPC.
Games: Post the name and format (PC, Mac, etc.), plus any special info.
DVD: Please post any version info you have; widescreen version, Criterion Collection, Superbits, which side, etc.

*Please remember that different pressings of CDs can produce different monsters.
You might not be able to reproduce someone else's results.
If you find a CD that gives a different result, post it along with the UPC code & any other information about why the pressing is different.

*Please note what country a disc was pressed in, if it is NOT a US disc!
All discs posted here are assumed to be US versions unless otherwise noted.
Do not post any other messages here, they will be deleted.

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