Master Ranchers Lodge #47

Monster Rancher Metropolis: Master Ranchers Lodge #47
Welcome! This Chat Is Where MRM Members Meet & Exchange Ideas.
Our members are from around the world: different time-zones, languages, and cultures.
We expect everyone to be polite, and positive.
Members are expected to give priority to conversations on research topics.
No one under 13 admitted.
(New MRM Members: There Is A 24 Hour Wait Period After Chat Registration.)

Monster Rancher Metropolis Chat Guidelines
Read Before Entering!

Chat is an extra benefit for MRM message board members in good standing.

Questions on Monster Rancher take precendence over other topics!

All of the guidelines for posting messages on the board are expected to be followed here.

Please chose one "handle" and use that exclusively. If you want to change your handle, please post a note on the message board informing the moderators.

Remember that we expect users to have read the information posted on the message board prior to asking questions on a topic in the chatroom. Don't waste our time and yours by forcing people to repeat information.

This chat is a public forum, please do not post personal information that you do not wish to be made publicly available. (This includes, but is not limited to phone numbers and addresses.) We also expect users to respect the privacy of others by not posting personal information about anyone other than themselves.

The following behavior is not acceptable, and may lead to suspension or permanent banning from the chatroom and message board at the discretion of the moderators:

1 Use of foul language.

2 Language intended to demean others.

3 Racist/sexist/gender-biased comments.

4 Excessive use of the chat or board to advertize.

5 Ignoring others.

6 Use of the chat to create a negative impression about the message board.

7 Threatening or inflamatory messages.

8 Messages not appropriate to a family audience.

9 Conveying false "information".

10 Messages not relevant to the topic.

11 Use of this chat to sell products or services, without obtaining Lisa Shock's written (via notarized contract) permission.

12 Violating another person's privacy.

13 Using several aliases at the same time.

14 Use of the chat to gather personal information.

15 Use of chat to discuss illegal activities. (Including but not limited to: discussions of ROMs, emulators, unauthorised MP3s, warez, cracks, and burned copies. Also covers any non-software related crimes.)

16 Drowning out researchers with off-topic chatter that is not research related.

17 Asking basic questions about the game which can easily be found in the message board, and especially in the FAQ. Each time someone tells you to "read the FAQ" or "read the board" this is a warning that you will be asked to leave chat soon, and may be banned. Chat is a place for MRM members to relax and confer, it is not a place to spoonfeed the basics.

Use of this chat to produce, deliver, or direct users to hostile programs such as viruses
will result in immediate notification of law enforcement authorities.

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Please Click & Enter Chat Even If It Seems Empty.
The Listing Is Often Wrong!

You MUST complete MRM Membership Before Entering.