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torey luvullo on Monday, February 19, 2001 - 06:17 pm:

Unlike our main FAQ, this list contains questions which do not go to the very heart of important aspects of the game, but are questions which newcomers frequently ask.

What is the best monster to start with?
There is no single best monster that is right for all trainers. Different people will find themselves drawn to different monsters.

Why doesn't this site have a game walkthrough?
MR2 is not a story-based game, nor is it a platformer. It's a sim, and, as such, there is no set path anyone should follow. Everyone plays with their own style at their own speed.

What kind of monster is the triceratops thingy on the MR2 CD cover?
Wow! This one is controversial...trainers who don't know what it is are somehow certain of what it is not - and they do not believe it is a Datonare. However, although the cover art does not resemble the game Datonare, it does strongly resemble the Datonare pictured on the Datonare card. It does not resemble any of the other 407 monsters in the least. The answer is it is a poorly drawn Datonare.

My grid showing the monsters raised seems to be missing some breeds, but I have unlocked all 38 main types. Are there more monsters?
No, the number 38 does not make an even grid (unless it's only two boxes high which would be unusable in that screen) so there are a few empty spots.

Can you get the elephant and giraffe that are pictured in the opening sequence?
No. They are not among the 408, and there are no monsters in the game besides the 408.

Are there any cheat codes for this game?
No. -Except GameShark codes, which only work with that cheat device.

Can I catch enemy monsters at errantry?
No. Although they are among the 408 cards you can collect, they cannot be acquired either by capture or off disk, without the help of a gameshark. Some of their cards will appear in your collection after battling them. This includes monsters like Blue Phoenix, White Mocchi, White Suezo, King Ape, etc -the monsters with numbers from 392-408. You can only find and raise the monsters with numbers up to 391.

How do I get Moo?
That monster is available from CD off a certain pressing of Beck's "Mellow Gold". Subcode is now available in The Laboratory.
Posting messages claiming to have a another CD besides "Mellow Gold" with Moo on it is prohibited, unless you post the subcode for the CD in the Laboratory section, or sell a copy to Lisa Shock. More details on this subject can be found in the MR2 Archive, CD & Slating section, in the thread entitled "Outrageous And Unusual Claims Regarding CDs....".

Can I have an assistant other than Coltia?

Does it matter how I answer the ten questions?
Not in any significant way. Every major aspect of the game remains available to the player however these questions are answered.

How do I pick the best type of monster to raise?
There is no 'best' breed of monster, just like there are no bad breeds. If your monsters don't live long, or can't get very far in the official tournaments, change your raising method. There are no bad monsters, only bad methods!

What do the letters on the monsters' cards mean? They are simply a system the programmers set up to reflect how rare the monster is on CDs. Kind of like looking at a value guide for real-life trading cards.

What does the God's Slate do?
Nothing. It's part of the story only. We have an actual email from the Japanese programmers about this in the Items section.

How do I fight in the legends cup?
1] have a monster who has beaten all of the big 4.
2] be on the ranch on mar4 when your monster will be invited by name to the legends cup. [once one of your monsters has been invited, you no longer have to get the invite - just show up on apr 4]
3] go to battle on apr 4 one-on-one against most, a white mocchi trained by pabs[even number years] or poritoka, a white suezo trained by tesca[odd number years].
4] win, and you get to enter your monster in the hall of fame.[limit 3 monsters]

Now that I am a master, why are some of my discs still locked?
Becoming a master does not unlock all the discs. You still must complete the unlocking requirements for all the breeds, as set out in the FAQ thread "How to unlock all 38 Main Types and Become a IMA authorized trainer".

If Errow says that a tech "may be difficult at this time" to acquire, can i still get it?
Not at that errantry. You may have to employ the previous move in the tech chain 30 or 50 times in battle, or switch your monster from bad to good or vice versa.

How do you get your monsters to live longer/to get such high stats?
Questions like this cannot be answered simply. Raising/training tips and Raising Methods are the archive topics you are looking for.

My crystal disappeared, and I still don't have a metalner
Although you lose the crystal given by the aliens when you visit the shrine, metalners are still unlocked - go back and try your locked discs. Any metalners you have on them are now available to you.

Do you need to feed your monsters milk when they are babies?
Although it was once thought so, the best information we have now indicates you probably don't. Nonetheless, unless your monster dislikes milk, or you are working it hard pursuant to a training method, milk is a good food for infant monsters - especially during the part of infancy when it cheers for it.

Can I return to the IMA-FIMBA match?
Yes. It is held every four years after the first one. However, Colt does not warn you when it comes. Furthermore, you unlock no additional monsters by returning. In any event, just check every July and the invitational will appear in the 4th week. Win that, and you can go to the meet on the 4th of August.

How do I change techs during battle?
To change techs during a battle, use L1 and R1 to move the gloved hand to the range you want. Then, use the square button to change techs within the range you've selected.

What do those little eyes mean beside certain techs?
The white and black boxes with eyes in them show whether a move is "good" or "evil". Only good monsters can learn good techs, while only evil monsters can learn evil techs. Generally, good techs have sharpness and healing, while evil techs are withering and life-draining.

How do I make my monsters good[or bad]?
To make your monster good, always scold it for cheating, praise it for greats, and, if you need it to move from bad or worst, feed it sour jellies. The Heroes badge also helps in this regard. To make your monster evil, never praise greats, never scold cheats and feed it sweet jellies to make the switchover from good or best. Here, the Heel badge is helpful.

How do I get my monster to play with me?
You cannot. The monster will request you to, and you may answer yes. Usually, the more soward spoil your monster is, the more likely it is that it will ask you to play.

Do I need a pure worm to become a beaclon?
No. Any worm will do.

Do I need a pure hopper to dig up the spring?
No. Any hopper will do.

How can I raise my breeder rank?
Raise your monster's rank by winning official tournaments and your rank will rise as well.

What should I do when Colt warns about stress?
If Colt has warned you about stress, you have already lost lifespan due to excess stress. Try reading the FAQ threads about Items & Foods and their effects. Essentially, you need to insure that your monster is fed Tablets, gets rest by at least the second "Seems Well", and is fed sufficient Mint (at least once or twice a month) to counteract the stress from Drills and Errantry. There's quite a bit involved with calculating the proper methods, but our Methods section should help!

What does Colt mean when she says I should let my monster retire?
There is no "retirement home" for monsters. Colt is warning you that your monster will die in a few months. You have two options, freeze your monster to combine with later (although we have found that you get better stats when monsters are combined in their prime), or allow it to die.

What do the level numbers next to my monster's stats mean?
They are indicators of how well your monster will perform in the at stat. (And are occasionally requirements for getting a new tech.) The game essentially ignores fine differences in stats, using the levels as the gauge. Two monsters, one with 410 Speed, and one with 449 Speed, are both viewed by the game as having the same level of expertise in that attribute.

What is Withering?
It's the ability of an attack in battle to reduce the enemy monster's guts level.

The instruction manual with the game says Tiger can be gotten at the Market, but he never seems to appear. How can I get one?
Sorry, that is a misprint. Tigers are not available from the Market in this game. The good news is that the CDs that make them are unlocked from the start of the game.

I read in a tips book (or on the web) that it's best to send my monster on errantry in week 2 or 3 so I can skip feeding him one month and save money!
This is a really bad idea. Feeding is a great opportunity to reduce your monster's stress and fatigue, both of which are drastically increased by errantry. One week of rest plus feeding tabs and a Nuts Oil before leaving can help your monster be in the best possible shape upon it's return. (It will still be stressed and tired, and it will have taken at least a 6 week lifespan hit - it just won't be as badly off as it might be without those things!)

Why haven't all sorts of things happened yet in my game?
Take your time, and relax. Monster Rancher games can't be 'beaten' in a few hours. Most unlocking/upgrading opportunities are simply linked to your rank, your monster's rank, or the passage of time in the game. Keep playing, and it will all come to you eventually.

Why can't I find a particular item or opponent?
Unlike story-based games, Monster Rancher 2 is primarily a Monster Breeding simulator, meaning that what you do in a variety of instances makes your individual game very different from other players'. Some events are random, so not everyone finds things in the same place, not everyone has events happen in the same sequence. Relax, and play your own game. There is no race to see who can finish first, this is a game you can literally play for years without exhausting its potential.

What are DNA capsules?
They are only present in the Japanese version of the game. They are part of the Pocketstation mini-games that were entirely removed from the US release. (Yes, lots of people have checked this out.)

The Pocketstation was a small device that plugged into the PSX memory slot, and played games kept time, etc. It had a defective rate of over 90%, which pretty much spelled disaster for it in the US. Sony cancelled the US release because it got caught in an endless loop of warrantee replacements, and the replacements being 90% bad...ultimately costing Sony an enormous amount of money. (And a big loss in consumer confidence! At the equivalent of $50 US each, millions of users were EXTREMELY upset!) Several US games had PS support, and many games were edited at the last minute to remove support once Sony announced they were dropping it. Monster Rancher 2 was edited so that no working PS support remains.

What kind of peaches are available, and what do they do?
There are two - gold and silver. Gold gives a lifespan boost of 50 weeks, by turning a monsters life clock back 50 weeks. Silver does the same, but only for 25. There are no other peaches. You can give one of each to a monster, no more.
Silver Peaches are won in the Elder's Cup. See the FAQ section Schedule of Annual Events for details.
Gold Peaches are found at the Parepare expediton, see the Items section for posts on how to find and use them.

What do the attributes do for my monster?
Power: how hard your monster hits when it attacks with Power moves in battle, also reduces the impact of Power attacks by opponents.
Intelligence: helps the monster attack with Int. moves, and helps lessen impact of opponents' Int. attacks.
Life: your lifebar in battles (Has NOTHING to do with your monsters' lifespan.), also helps them stay out longer on expeditions.
Skill: affects how accurately they attack
Speed: affects how well they dodge attacks
Defense: affects your monsters' ability to with stand hits, high Def means less Life lost per hit.

These "Methods" take a lot of money. How do you get all that money to raise a good monster?
Well, you need to use a "moneymaker" monster or two, or three. Simply take any monster, the Mocchi in the Market is a good one, and raise him until he can beat E class comfortably, and keep him there battling every un-official tourney. Once you have him going, freeze and raise another, this time up to D, and alternate the two battling. Then raise a third up to C. If you have 3 monsters, one each at E,D, and C level, you can make quite a bit of money in just a few game years.

Why does my monster want to play?
It is extremely spoiled (meaning your style is Fond or Doting) and you asked the monster in question to do something that it dislikes.

Note that this also depends on the monster, certain aggressive monsters (like Wrackys and Jokers) may ask to enter a battle instead of play.

What types of games do the monster Play?
There are three types of play, mudball/snowball fight, sparring and something that looks like a Sumo match. Each main breed will only play one type of game.

Mudball/Snowball: Ducken, Kato, Naga, Mew, Mock, Pixie, Plant
Sparring: Golem, Hopper, Wracky
Pushing Sumo: Arrowhead, CP, Suezo, Tiger, Zilla

Can I get rare /??? monsters by combining?
You can only combine to get one rare (/???) monster, Gold Suezo. Gold Suezo is made by combining a Silver Suezo and a Bronze Suezo. No other rare can be made through combining. They are only available by using specific CDs in the shrine, or for a few, slating monsters from MR1. Check out our CD list for details.

The exception to this is the use of DNA capsules, which are unavailable in the US version and are only accessible by using a Gameshark.Here is a list of all the DNA caps and the monsters they make:
Pink: GentleMocchi
Black: ForwardGolem
Gray: Moo
White: White Mocchi
Gold/Green: Gold Suezo
Yellow: Mia
Red: Poison

What do Likes and Dislikes, as shown on the Breeder info screen, do?
Some are just for fun, but some affect how a monster can be raised. Check out the FAQ thread on items values for full details. The Like/Dislike is randomly assigned when a monster is shrined. If you don't like what you got, re-set your game and try again. Liking Tablets is the choice most ranchers want for their monsters because of the benefits to raising methods.

Does what I name a monster affect its performance?

Does my trainer name affect the game in any way?
Other than it being how everyone addresses you, nope.

How many monsters can I make in the game itself?
Some monsters main breeds are made when the breed is unlocked, and you only get one of them (so combine them wisely) they are:
Some monsters are unlocked in-game, and the items to make them can be gotten repeatedly though game play they are:
Some monsters can be gotten by hatching a worm. One of those is pure Beaclon. The rest have worm sub-breeds, but can be used in combining to make pure types:
Plus, there are the breeds avaialble at the Market:
Thus, 23 main breeds out of 38 in the game can be made within the game itself.

By Torey Luvullo, with input from: Lisa Shock, Kurasu Soratobu, John Hawley, Dark Phoenix, and SCT.