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Monster Rancher Metropolis: Monster Rancher 2 Archive (PSOne): Miscellaneous Q&A (Post New Questions Here)
Post questions about Monster Rancher 2 (Monster Rancher in the UK, Australia, NZ, etc.) here.
However, please note that this site is primarily for players of the NA/NTSC version.
Everyone is expected to read the FAQ, Beginner's Guide, & other relevant sections before posting.
Please remain on-topic within threads, off-topic posts are deleted immediately.
If you have a new question, start a new thread.
If posting a raising method, you must include mathematical calculations for each week.
Do not ask us to do your work for you.
Incomplete methods, and those missing math will be deleted promtly.
All methods must be new, complete, safe and worthwhile for us to recommend to others.