Monster Types

Monster Rancher Metropolis: Monster Rancher 2 Archive (PSOne): Monster Types
WARNING! This is a section archived for historical interest,
Do Not Use As a Guideline for Raising!

These messages were written before we had any number values for anything in the game.
They were written without knowledge of lifepatterns, statgains, the lifespan index, etc.
In other words, if you read the MR2 FAQ section,
you will know more about raising a particular breed than any of these authors knew when writing these messages.

Do not trust any guide posted prior to 2004 with regard to anything except unlocking info.
Different breeds do NOT require different guides to training.
We are not looking for any more content for this section!
Familiarize yourself with the MR2 FAQ section
before posting a question in the Miscellaneous Q&A section.

To find out how to raise a specific breed,
read the MR2 FAQ thread entitled
Mepersoner's Stats
and base your decisions on actual data.