CD List (North American Version ONLY)

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Please post your CD's for the North American version of the game here.

Music CDs: Post the artist, title,version info and UPC.
Games: Post the name and format (PSX, Dreamcast,PC, Mac, etc.), plus any special info. If a PSX Game is a "Greatest Hits" version with the green stripe on the front, please post it as "Greatest Hits Version".
CD-ROMs: Post the title, format and any other info.
If you post monster stats, you must use the table format.

Please remember that different pressings of CDs can produce different monsters. You might not be able to reproduce someone else's results. If you find a CD that gives a different result, please post it along with the UPC code and any other information about why the pressing is different.
All Submissions are subject to peer review.
In the PAL/UK game, /??? monsters are gotten from completely different CDs than the US listings.
We have added a few /??? types for the PAL game & they are all clearly marked.
If you submit listings for /??? monsters, tell us which version of the game you are playing.
We only accept submission of the /??? monsters for the PAL version, no other entries will be accepted.

Do not post any other messages here, they will be deleted.

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