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Lisa Shock on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 10:49 am:

What is the best monster to start with after my Garu?
There is no single best monster that is right for all trainers. Different people will find themselves drawn to different monsters. We recommend trying as many types of monsters as possible, so you get an idea of all the different variations.

Do monsters die in this game?
No, they reach an age where they must retire, however. You can use them to combine with other monsters and make better baby monsters, after retirement.

Why can't my monster be immortal?
Well, the game isn't programmed to have immortal monsters. Besides, after a little while, everyone would have a ranch full of monsters with all 999s in every stat, plus all Skills, find all the items, and they would have nothing left to do within a couple game-decades of play. The point of this game is learning how to raise monsters better, and the only way to be forced to hone your skills is through short lifespans. It also adds enormously to the replay value of the game.

Can I freeze my monster, to save him for later use?
Nope, once frozen a monster is permanently retired.

I can't go on Ventures yet, what's wrong?
Increase your breeder rank, and see what happens.

How do I get the monster So-and-So has?
There are several monsters in the game that there is no known way to get. Most of them are owned by your school chums (rivals) and you see them in tutorials or plot events, but they are not part of the 328 monster encyclopedia.

What do the attributes do for my monster?
Powerhow hard your monster hits when it attacks in battle with Power (yellow icon) attacks
Intelligencehelps the monster attack with Intelligence (green icon) attacks
Lifeyour lifebar in battles (Has NOTHING to do with your monsters' lifespan.)
Accuracyaffects how accurately they attack
Speedaffects how well they dodge attacks
Defenseaffects your monsters' ability to with stand hits, high Def means less Life lost per hit

All of my Discs seem to make Mushtan (Plant/?) monsters in the shrine, what's up with that?
Make sure that you are only using pre-recorded music CDs, PS2 games, PSX games, and DVDs in the shrine. The PS2 isn't capable of reading most PC CD-ROMs (unless they have an audio track) and other disc formats, so the game reverts to making this monster, rather than nothing. if ALL discs make Mushtans, then this means your PS2 is having problems reading discs. There are several possible causes: lens in need of cleaning, lens out of alignment (need professional adjustment) or a worn out laser assembly (needs professional replacement).

How do I pick the best type of monster to raise?
There is no 'best' breed of monster, just like there are no bad breeds. If your monsters don't live long, or can't get very far in the official tournaments, change your raising method. There are no bad monsters, only bad methods!

Can I get rare /? monsters by combining?
Yes, but only if a parent was that /? type. You cannot make a /? monster that you have never gotten off disc first.

Can I trade monsters in my Encyclopedia, like we did in MR3?
Sorry, no, that feature is not in MR4.

Can I change the main character?
You can change the name from Phayne to any 8 letter name you like, but you can not change his appearance.

I get a message in the shrine saying that I cannot use a particular CD, what's wrong?
Read the first thread in the main FAQ section, you will find instructions there about unlocking various monster types.

Do I need CDs/DVDs/Games to make all the monsters?
Only the Ape types must be found on discs. All other types can be made in-game via saucer stones, or added to your Encyclopedia while combining.

I'm trying to get to (ANY) Rank, what do I do?
MR4 is the first MR game where breeder ranks are not always earned in battles. At each stage the people in the game will tell you what is going on, and you need to pay attention. When they suggest exploring an area, or talk about fighting So-and-So, thats your cue as to what will advance you. Sometimes it takes going on several adventures in a new area, or getting to the Official Cup where you face your rival. It's different for each rank, and zooming through text without reading it can be a bad idea.

How can I add attributes to attacks?
Check the attack charts here on MRM to make sure the attack in question can have attributes added. (many can, but some cannot) Hit the O button and select "Monster". Tab to the right to the skills screen and press X and then press the square button. Place the cursor on one of the grey boxes for the skill desired then press X. You will be given the option to add elements from the selection of lores you have acquired.

How do I counter?
You counter by holding down the L2 button and hitting either O,X, or Square when someone attack you. The History will appear once you unlock the ability to counter. Get further in the game and you'll just find out it's there so you can see previous buttons by the opponent, sometimes theres a pattern, other times, not. It's all random.

Do discs that make the same breed of monster (like two different DVDs both making Hengers) make any differences in them?
Yes. The encyclopedia has standard stats for every breed, so it never changes (unlike MR3). You have to make a monster from a CD/DVD/Game then take it to the ranch to check it. You will see variances in stats and characteristics.

What is a Pandora disc?
The Pandora disc concept first appeared in Monster Rancher 3. They are discs that create different monsters in the shrine during different conditions: breeder rank, season, etc. Each game only has a couple discs which act this way in that game's shrine. In MR4 they are: the MR4 game itself, and the Monster Farm 4 reservation disc (a freebie given away with pre-orders in Japan). In the MR4 game, while a Pandora disc is being shrined, Cesare stays on screen while the disc is shrined, and will make additional comments about the disc.

How many in-game disc stones does your inventory hold?
16, you can unlock them in the shrine and add the monsters to your encyclopedia, there is no benefit to holding onto the stones.

What venture (or venture level) has the item (rainbow disc, etc.) I want?
Items are placed randomly in each area. You simply need to keep venturing.

Why doesn't this site have venture maps?
Several of us own guidebooks for the game (released in Japan) that have maps for the ventures. The ventures are not comprised of one map per venture. Each venture has a set group of modules that are randomly generated as you progress. There are a total of 293 modules (which would equal 293 webpages) which is simply too great a number of pages to post without adding to the cost of running this site dramatically. Also, since the game generates the modules on the fly, searching through 293 maps (either online or printed) may be less than useful since you may be attacked by enemy monsters at any time.